Governor Andrew Gurr of St. Helena announced last week that Conrad Glass, police officer on Tristan da Cunha for 21 years, has been named a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE). Mr. Gurr, the Governor of both St. Helena and Tristan, made the announcement at a celebration for the Queen’s Birthday, held at the Governor’s mansion on St. Helena. Mr. Glass has also been Chief Islander on Tristan from 2007 through 2010.

Conrad GlassAccording to a story in the Tristan Times, Mr. Glass provided many years of “loyal and dedicated service to the Tristanian community” as policeman, politician, and sometimes as Acting Administrator. Juanita Brock, author of the press report, indicates that he is well known, not just for his effective way of carrying out his duties, but also for “his ability to resolve issues in a fair and consistent manner.” His work has earned him the respect of his fellow citizens.

An article about him in The Guardian back in January gave a more detailed portrait of his abilities. It described the ways he quietly resolves problems and helps maintain the normal peacefulness among the Tristan Islanders. It sounds as if he richly deserves the recent British honor.