District officials in Machilipatnam, a small city in Andhra Pradesh, have mounted a campaign to convince Yanadi parents in a tribal colony to encourage their children to attend a local government school. A news report in The Hindu last week described the work on behalf of the Yanadi children by the Assistant Superintendent of Police, M. Sattibabu, to promote more and better education for the children.

The business center of Machilipatnam
The business center of Machilipatnam (Photo by Ganeshk in Wikipedia, Creative Commons license)

Mr. Sattibabu is convinced that giving the kids an education will improve their lives. He is working closely with the Narayanaraopeta Yanadi colony, located near the Machilipatnam railroad station. He found that the parents frequently encourage their children to accompany them to their jobs, so the dropout rate by the kids is high.

The official attended a program held at a local primary school and explained to the parents the extent of the government support that is available to their children. He asked teachers and parents in the audience to ensure that all children attend school regularly. Furthermore, effective hygiene, both in school and at home, was encouraged during the program.

Some Yanadi kids
Some Yanadi kids (Photo that was on NationMaster.com and copyrighted, but released for all uses without reservation)

Mehaboob Basha, the Deputy Superintendent of Police, plus other officials attended the program. Mr. Sattibabu handed out school bags and notebooks to the 52 Yanadi students in the primary school. The Hindu emphasized that he has devoted himself to monitoring the needs of the colony. He has particularly focused on the education facilities in the Krishna District and the education of the Yanadi kids.