Some Amish farmers have been raising camels and selling their milk to a Saudi entrepreneur who then sells it to people who are allergic to cow’s milk. CNN published an article last week about the businessman, a Muslim raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and his Amish and Mennonite suppliers. Walid Abdul-Wahab had drunk camel’s milk […]

Many Montana Hutterites, and numerous other rural residents across that vast state, may lose their cell phone connections after February 18th when cellular carriers will be permitted to shut down analog services. The problem will occur because the Federal Communications Commission decided in 2002 to allow cellular carriers to close the analog-based services next month. […]

Although cell phones are being used increasingly in many Hutterite colonies, they still may be against the rules. A front page story in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, September 4, discusses the uses, and the potential disruptions, of cell phones in one central Montana colony. While some of the colonies are quite restrictive and […]

The Lancaster New Era reported last Friday the results of a series of interviews with Amish people around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, about their use of cell phones. While some people were opposed to them, many now admit to owning and using them regularly. The Amish bishops strongly disapprove. But they do not know who actually […]