The news of a deranged killer in a one-room, Lancaster County, Amish schoolhouse gunning down innocent girls horrified the world. But the story that followed the tragedy was even more gripping. The parents and grandparents of the slain children had rushed to the homes of the killer’s family to express their own condolences and to […]

Donald Kraybill, a leading scholar of Anabaptist society and culture, mentioned in an interview last week that he is now working on three additional books about the Amish. A faculty member at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, Kraybill is the author of The Riddle of Amish Culture and numerous other books and articles. He agreed […]

Donald Kraybill opened the annual conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association in Elizabethtown, PA, on September 27 with an exciting speech about the Amish and their patterns of forgiveness. The first half of his presentation focused on the factors that shape and preserve Amish community identity, an appropriate topic for a conference with […]

Donald Kraybill is coming out with a new book about the way the Amish spontaneously forgave the killer after the West Nickel Mines shooting tragedy last October. Kraybill spoke about his forthcoming book Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy, and the phenomenon of forgiveness, at the quarterly meeting of the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society on […]