A nonprofit business flourishing in a village of Mexico’s Oaxaca state is inspired by traditional Zapotec values and the ideals of Mohandas Gandhi. A story in Yes! magazine last week describes the revival of the traditional spinning culture of the village, its adoption of effective business practices, and the influence of the Mahatma. The story […]

On October 2, India celebrated the 150th birthday of Mohandas Gandhi. The leader of the movement for India’s independence from the UK, Gandhi also advocated active peaceful actions such as marches and sit-ins as a nonviolent way for oppressed peoples to gain their rights. Numerous media outlets around the world celebrated the birthday with critical […]

International conferences often produce lots of good sentiments, but it is less common for concrete, effective proposals to come out of such gatherings. Johan Galtung, the famed Norwegian scholar and peace maker, apparently caused a stir at a major conference in New Delhi last week celebrating the 100th anniversary of Gandhi’s satyagraha movement. He proposed […]