The use of polyethylene bags is a growing problem in the mountains of Northern India, except for Ladakh where the people have been able to get rid of them. Why are the Ladakhi so concerned about their natural environment that they embrace the idea of banning the polluting bags when others who live in equally […]

The Ama Tsogspa, the Ladakhi term for groups of local women, have been tackling such community problems as the ever-increasing trash in some towns and helping to solve them. A news story in the Indian publication Business Standard last week translated “Ama Tsogspa” as “Mothers’ Alliances.” The report on the Ama Tsogspa opened with the […]

The modest man working on the trail next to Newfoundland’s Placentia Bay explained that the trash washing up on the beaches mostly came from ships at sea and the major cities of the eastern U.S. He told a couple of American visitors to Arnold’s Cove last July that trash floated northeast with the ocean currents, […]