The Ju/’hoansi are well-known in the ethnographic and popular literature for their gender equality, but their practice of naming children after the father’s parents undeniably reflects a male bias. Patricia Draper and Christine Haney, in a Summer 2005 article just published in the journal Ethnology, examine genealogical records gathered by the Harvard Kalahari Research Project […]

Out-migration is a growing problem for traditional pastoral communities of eastern Ladakh, according to Monisha Ahmed, who was quoted in an article in The Hindu on Sunday. Dr. Ahmed’s findings appear to complement, and perhaps vary a bit, from the research results of Sarah K. Goodall, whose work on migration from eastern Ladakh was reviewed […]

Why did the Fipa change so dramatically in the mid-1850s, a few decades before the first European contacts, from a society that practiced frequent warfare and violence into one that fosters peacefulness and gender equality? Roy Willis seeks to find answers in his examination of “The ‘Peace Puzzle’ in Ufipa,” a wonderful article published in […]