Rapid urbanization in developing countries is often thought of as a lowland phenomenon caused by high birth rates in the rural areas, where people have to leave to get better-paying jobs. These stereotypes are not correct in Ladakh, where urbanization in Leh, the capital of the Buddhist region, has not proceeded according to many standard […]

Remittances sent by working migrants back to Mexico provide essential support for community development projects, especially in the traditional Zapotec villages in the State of Oaxaca. Scholars who have investigated remittances to Mexican communities have differed about the effect they have. Some sociologists and economists have argued that young adults migrate to support themselves and […]

In order to develop the rural areas of countries such as Thailand, families and communities often depend on the money and goods sent home by relatives with jobs in cities, such as Bangkok. Two different theoretical models, depending on the country under examination, have been described in the social science literature to explain the behavior […]