Zapotec towns that have been harmed by the operations of multinational mining firms were in the news last week due to renewed calls for protecting indigenous people and their water supplies. Last year at this time, several Zapotec anti-mining activists were gunned down in the town of San José Progreso due to the tensions raised […]

A leader of the Mangyan protests against a destructive nickel mining project in the mountains of Mindoro Island in the Philippines was awarded a Goldman Prize last week at a ceremony in San Francisco. For years, the Mangyan societies, which include the highly peaceful Buid (also spelled Buhid) on southern Mindoro Island, protested the dangers […]

Yagay Sebastian, a Buid leader, is discouraged. “First the lowlanders invaded our land and forced us to move to the highlands and now we might be driven out again,” he says. “Only this time we have nowhere to go.” The Buid, also often spelled Buhid, are one of the seven indigenous groups living in the […]

A major nickel mining project proposed for the mountains of central Mindoro Island was suspended last Friday by the Environmental Secretary of the Philippines due to pressures from protesters. The huge mining operation, projected to cover 11,216.6 hectares, would have a direct impact on the traditional territories of a couple Mangyan societies on Mindoro, the […]

Mark Dowie’s article on the hazards of the nuclear industry, published in the March-April 2009 issue of Resurgence magazine, was reprinted last week, apparently with permission, on a web site in Sri Lanka. The version of the article published by the magazine is not available on its own website. In his investigation of the claims […]

Last week the Guardian published the details of a proposed strip mining operation, which is planned for the highlands of Mindoro Island, where several Mangyan societies, including the Buid, subsist. The paper indicates that a vast strip mine will clear vegetation and top soil from 37.5 square miles and force the relocation of at least […]