Ian Brown, a native of Tristan da Cunha but now a resident of the UK, paid a visit last month with his wife to the Italian town of Camogli, the birthplace of Andrea Repetto, his great grandfather. Unlike a lot of news reports from Tristan da Cunha that are only of local interest, this seemingly […]

Older Nubians are upset about the way young people are demonstrating to dramatize their rights—such approaches are contrary to the Nubian tradition of peacefulness, according to an interesting news feature published last week. Hannah Allam, writing for the McClatchy Newsfeatures, covered a number of angles about Nubian claims and grievances that supplement earlier reports. She […]

Three years ago, the Kerala state government agency for tribal affair, KIRTADS, opened a renovated ethnological museum, which features displays that include various Kadar artifacts—some ornaments, household objects, photographs and one of their huts. The museum is located about 7 km from Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, a city of one million people. The museum […]

Jean Briggs’ epochal book Never in Anger focused on a small band of Inuit living on the land just south of the village of Gjoa Haven, in Arctic Canada, and their complete intolerance for any expressions of anger. One day, when some outsiders acted in a disrespectful fashion toward their hosts, the Utkuhikhalik Inuit—Briggs’ friends—she […]

As part of its celebration this month of the installation of a new president, Dr. Nancy Leffert, Antioch University Santa Barbara is hosting an exhibit that focuses on the Mbuti people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The exhibit, sponsored by the Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF), opened with a reception on Tuesday, March 1, at […]

A museum exhibition in Malaysia celebrates some of the major issues facing the Orang Asli societies: managing their interactions with nature, maintaining sustainable lifestyles, and adapting to the challenges of modernity. The exhibit features the photographs of Mahat China, a prominent Semai poet, novelist, and radio announcer. Entitled “Orang Asli and their Traditional Knowledge,” the […]

An exhibition of George Webber’s striking photos of the Little Bow Hutterite Colony is now on view at the Glenbow Museum, located in the heart of downtown Calgary. Titled “Hutterite Traditions: Photographs by George Webber,” the exhibit went on display February 14 and will remain open until April 13. It includes Hutterite items such as […]

The Nubian Museum near Aswan, in southern Egypt, the world’s primary reservoir for Nubian history, art, and culture, has been forging ties with important American museums. These connections were developed by Ossama Abdel Meguid, the director of the Nubian Museum since its founding in 1997, when he secured a Fulbright scholarship to visit two Boston […]