A national conference of Malaysian lawyers listened to arguments about the constitutional rights of the Orang Asli last week and, to judge by reports, they were enlightened, challenged, and amused. The printed program of the 14th Malaysian Law Conference, held from October 29 through 31 in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, indicated that the convention […]

According to a young Semai person, the Orang Asli “only know that the police are government, and the government can have them arrested.” Alice M. Nah interviewed the Semai individual for a recent journal article on the indigeneity of the Orang Asli, the “Original People,” of Malaysia. She begins her piece with a history of […]

The New Straits Times of Malaysia has taken a much more balanced approach to the Malaysian government’s treatment of the Orang Asli than it did earlier this year. Their story on February 24 clearly sympathized with the government’s official position, which is that it was necessary for the Batek to accept government resettlement schemes. Two […]