On Monday last week, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi received a delegation of Nubians from southern Egypt who presented a variety of demands that, they said, had been ignored by former President Hosni Mubarak. Further, they expressed their disappointment that there have been no changes in their situation since Mubarak’s regime fell over two years ago. […]

The referendum process in Egypt over the country’s new constitution has been as difficult for the Nubians as for the other minority groups that have protested the Muslim Brotherhood steamroller. Voting across the country was divided into two phases, with Cairo, Alexandria, and many of the other cities going to the polls last Saturday, and […]

Older Nubians are upset about the way young people are demonstrating to dramatize their rights—such approaches are contrary to the Nubian tradition of peacefulness, according to an interesting news feature published last week. Hannah Allam, writing for the McClatchy Newsfeatures, covered a number of angles about Nubian claims and grievances that supplement earlier reports. She […]

While most of the literature about Ladakhi peacefulness focuses on India’s Leh District, the primarily Buddhist portion of Ladakh, the Muslim district called Kargil after its principal town appears to have a culture that is just as nonviolent. The two districts are populated with basically the same people who have many similar customs. They differ […]

It is “a dangerous alarm,” warned Nubian activist and lawyer Salah Zaki Mourad, when the peaceful Nubians feel compelled to take up arms in order to protect themselves and their property. Yahia Zaied, a spokesperson for the Democratic Union of Nubian Youth, added to this, in a press conference last Wednesday, that the military rulers […]

One of the most significant issues confronting students of peace is how, or if, it is possible for a peaceful society to retain its values in the face of violence in the surrounding nation state. That question should be uppermost in the minds of people concerned about the Nubians of southern Egypt, who live in […]

Anyone interested in the welfare of the peaceful Ladakhis should realize that a fair political settlement of the divisions and conflicts in India’s state of Jammu and Kashmir will promote the continuing stability and health of Ladakh. The state, located in India’s north and bordered by Pakistan and China, has been riven with discord and […]

The protests by Nubians in Aswan three weeks ago evidently produced concrete results. The Egyptian government has granted them some significant concessions, and made promises to develop resettlement villages along Lake Nasser. The decision by the Essam Sharaf government has revived the morale of the Nubian people. Shortly after the end of the protests, which […]

This past week, Nubians expressed many different points of view about their hopes for the future, including whether or not they necessarily want to resettle along the banks of the Nile in southern Egypt. But at least their opinions are, at times, being considered. At other times they are still ignored. Early in the week, […]