Opaletswe, a young San man, tells Daniel Koehler at New Xade that even though he is poor, “when you dance, you feel like you are very rich.” Koehler has posted three new entries to his blog about the G/wi and the G//ana people living in New Xade, the resettlement community in western Botswana where he […]

The Egyptian Ministry of Housing is building a resettlement community near the city of Aswan for the Nubian people but it is having a hard time attracting settlers. According to a news report published last week in the Daily News Egypt, the project to build housing in the Wadi Qurqur, referred to in the article […]

The San living in the desert of Botswana are still strongly attached to the land, Daniel Koehler wrote last week, a value which they hope their children will embrace. Koehler is one of five grantees chosen from a field of 864 people who applied for a Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship. He is living with […]

A major demand by Egypt’s Nubian community—to have the option of resettling into their historic homelands along the Nile—moved a step closer to reality last week. The government announced on Wednesday the beginning of a project to form new communities for Nubians around Lake Nasser, the vast impoundment formed in the 1960s by the Aswan […]

On Monday last week, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi received a delegation of Nubians from southern Egypt who presented a variety of demands that, they said, had been ignored by former President Hosni Mubarak. Further, they expressed their disappointment that there have been no changes in their situation since Mubarak’s regime fell over two years ago. […]

The destruction of the peaceful G/wi society is supposedly the fault of a British NGO, Survival International (SI), rather than the government of Botswana, which was only trying to help them when it forcibly removed them from their homes, argues one scholar. Botswana’s government may have acted in a heavy-handed manner, she writes, but SI […]