The residents of San José Progreso, once a peaceful Zapotec community, are divided into opposing factions, some supportive of a local gold and silver mine and the jobs it provides, while others oppose it because it threatens their water supply. The tense situation in the small community in Mexico’s Oaxaca State has fostered increasing violence. […]

Nubian demands for the right to relocate to their historic lands on the banks of the Nile—admittedly now on the banks of Lake Nasser, south of the Aswan High Dam—took a new, and more violent turn last week. Sparked by the new spirit of protests in Egypt since the revolution early this year, some Nubians […]

Large-scale forces such as national peace movements can normally promote harmony at the local level and foster more peaceful communities. The opposite generalization often applies: that wars can promote local strife, which helps build violent societies. Developments last week in New Delhi offer hope that peace in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir may […]

A research report by Stephen M. Younger, published in Current Anthropology last fall, provides an intriguing analysis of some of the conditions that may foster peacefulness in human societies. Younger acknowledges broader literature that demonstrates the ability of people to live together peacefully, but his research allows him to go deeper into the mechanisms and […]

What kind of people would say to a child who is adjusting to the birth of an infant into the family, “why don’t you kill your baby brother?” Provocative as the question may seem, the answers are neither simple nor straightforward. But in an article from 1994, just added to the Archive of this website, […]