Wind development firms have erected many large turbines in Mexico’s Oaxaca state, arousing a lot of opposition among Zapotec communities impacted by them. The news website last week published a report critiquing the growing development of wind energy in southern Mexico and updating news stories from 2012 about Zapotec protests against them. The journalist […]

A massive industrial wind project is under construction in southern Mexico near the city of Juchitán de Zaragosa, and the local indigenous farm families, mostly Zapotecs, are unhappy about it.  Using the Zapotec name Biío Hioxo Energy, the developers are seizing lands in the name of alternative power development. The project, reported recently from the […]

While Bloomberg BusinessWeek last week trumpeted the recent Mexican economic powerhouse, some poor, marginalized communities in that country, such as those of the Zapotec, appear to be increasingly repressed. The Independent European Daily Express, a news organization based in the Netherlands, carried an IPS story on its website last week announcing that a community radio […]

Mexico has doubled its wind power generation capacity during the past year but the Indian people, mostly Zapotec, who live in villages near the industrial projects are none too pleased. In fact, many of them are heatedly opposed to what they feel is the destruction of their environment. People often think of wind power as […]