Kangiqsualujjuaq, an Inuit village of 900 people, has the highest rate of children living in foster care of any place in Nunavik. The mayor and the other leaders decided to do something to address this dismal fact about their community. According to an article in the CBC last week, Hilda Snowball, the mayor of Kangiqsualujjuaq, […]

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) held by indigenous peoples is slowly gaining recognition by scientists as an alternative way of looking at environmental processes over time. In a recent study, researchers used TEK as a means of increasing our understanding of climate change in the Arctic. In order to carry out the study, lead investigator, Alain […]

A recent conference focusing on missing or murdered indigenous women and girls held in Winnipeg sought to stem the violence perpetrated against Inuit females. The round table meeting, held February 24 – 26, included government and Inuit leaders plus the families of victims. Participants spoke about the importance of finding resources that would end the […]

While Jean Briggs’ book Never in Anger successfully portrayed the Utku Inuit approaches to controlling displays of anger, her latest book may help them preserve their culture. A news story published in Nunatsiaq Online on January 15th reported on the publication of a massive dictionary of the language spoken by the Utkuhiksalingmiut Inuit people (Briggs […]

Global climate change is harming the Inuit way of life, especially in the village of Umiujaq, in northern Canada. Catherine Hours, an AFP reporter, visited the village and wrote last week in a story carried by Yahoo News that conditions in the village are changing due to warming temperatures—more so than in many other places. […]

The tradition of hunting walruses in some Inuit communities, such as Igloolik and Hall Beach, remains an important, even a vibrant aspect of their culture. Desjardins (2013) points out that for millennia walruses, particularly on the perimeter of the Foxe Basin, which is on the Arctic Circle just south of Baffin Island, have provided an […]