In line with one of their age-old traditions, the Tristan Islanders helped out a Dutch sailor who limped into their harbor with his damaged yacht in mid-December. According to Alex Mitham, the British Administrator of Tristan da Cunha, the homemade yacht named Way to Brisbane was sailing from the Netherlands to Australia when it ran […]

About 75 percent of the economy of the Tristan Islanders is based on fishing for Tristan lobsters, Jasus tristani, the market for which has just been expanded significantly. Ovenstone Agencies, the South African company that is licensed to control the catching and processing of the lobsters in the waters around the Tristan Islands, made a […]

Rats are a major problem for nesting sea birds on Tristan da Cunha but the Tristanians have developed a unique way of coping with the introduced mammalian plague. The islanders have a holiday every year during which they compete to eliminate the most rats—and have a great party in the process. In her account of […]

There is little doubt that Conrad Glass, the sole policeman on Tristan da Cunha, has a good sense of humor, at least to judge by the photo accompanying a press release last week. The release describes a somewhat whimsical public relations stunt by a firm that sells long underwear over the Web. The PR effort […]

The Tristan Islanders celebrated what they call “Old Year’s Night,” the last night of December, with the usual revelry this year—and with a couple of effective speeches thrown in. Descriptions and photos of the event were posted on the Tristan website last week. The Chief Islander, Ian Lavarello, spoke about the events of 2012 in […]