Last week a guest blogger for the Christian Science Monitor reported that Ohio Amish farmers are being cheated by Marcellus shale fracking companies, which know that they will not sue them for fraud. James Burgess, the Monitor blogger, cited an earlier report in the New Republic that discussed the story of Lloyd Miller, an Amish […]

The Voice of America news service reported last week that the San groups in Botswana, including the G/wi, have filed a court suit against the government for continuing to deny them access to their lands. Survival International (SI), an indigenous rights organization based in London, is aiding the San peoples in their struggle. Despite the […]

The Big Sky Hutterite colony, located in northern Montana near the Canadian border, has decided to take its dispute with the state to the U.S. Supreme Court. Montana passed a law in 2009 which the initiating legislator admitted was designed as an anti-Hutterite measure. Corporate lobbyists advocating the new law won over the legislature in […]

The disputes after a 2009 invasion of the Ju/’hoansi Nyae Nyae Conservancy by 32 neighboring Herero farmers may have finally been resolved in a Namibian court. Judge Nate Ndauendapo has ordered the national government to pay the 32 farmers from the Gam area, to the south of the Conservancy, damages amounting to N$3.2 million (US$360,000). […]

The Montana Supreme Court voted last week 4 to 3 against the Big Sky Hutterite Colony, throwing out its suit to overturn the discriminatory provisions of a state anti-Hutterite law passed in 2009. The colony, located near Cut Bank in northwestern Montana, had sued the state and won a lower court decision, which found that […]

Nine Schwartzentruber Amish men lost their appeal to the Kentucky Court of Appeals last week. They had sought a religious exemption from a Kentucky law which requires slow moving vehicle triangles on the back of horse-drawn buggies on public roads. The three-judge court ruled that the public’s right to safety outweighed the contention by the […]