Unrest among civil service employees has broken out in both Ladakh and in Tahiti, where government employees are striking to improve their retirement pay scales. While these two developments are purely coincidental, they suggest an important question: do strikes and other forceful activities, which try to compel others into taking a desired course of action, […]

“Peaceful societies demonstrate that human beings clearly have the capacity for living with very little violence and for dealing with conflicts without aggression,” Douglas Fry will argue tomorrow. In a presentation at an important conference in Denmark, he will also maintain that nonviolent societies provide “specific insights about ways to reduce violence.” Fry will present […]

Barack Obama’s apparent victory over Hillary Clinton will pit, in the November American presidential election, a clear opponent of the war in Iraq against one of its resolute supporters. However, from the perspective of this website, larger questions should focus on whether this election might foster a more peaceful society in America. In what ways […]

The debate over the supposed innate propensity of human beings to be aggressive has once again surfaced in the popular press, this time in the current, April, issue of Discover Magazine. (The article is also available for free on the Discover website.) The proponents of the different sides of this discussion are well-known scientists whose […]

Today is the first anniversary of the historic decision by the Botswana High Court that the G/wi have a right to live on their own land. Unfortunately, the government of Botswana has been doing its best to thwart that decision ever since. Other countries in the news are savaging forest ecosystems, building dams and roads […]

Why should anyone quibble about the obvious? Don’t daily news reports show how violent we are? Don’t scholarly studies prove that humans males have evolved to be warlike? In his new book Beyond War: The Human Potential for Peace, Douglas Fry doesn’t just quibble about these issues: he demonstrates quite effectively that they are based […]

A number of nonwarring societies can be identified in the ethnographic literature, and some of them, according to Douglas Fry, have even formed peace systems—alliances that help them avoid warfare with one another. A professor at the Abo Akademi University in Finland, Fry analyzed the external nonviolence of peaceful societies during a presentation which opened […]