“If peace is happening in that village in Israel, it can happen anywhere,” Grace Feuerverger said during an intriguing presentation in Calgary less than two weeks ago. The Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) hosted numerous interesting papers during the conference, but Feuerverger’s talk at a panel session on Sunday, July […]

The Lahu, a Tibetan/Burman people of southwest China, idealize gentleness; in their worldview, men and women have many similar characteristics. As a result, according to Shanshan Du, they think that both men and women should be treated in an identical fashion. Their ideal value for themselves is “Nud” (soft), which implies that both sexes should […]

Processes that foster peacefulness will be examined at numerous presentations during the biennial conference of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA), which opens today at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Canada. The full program for the conference is available on the IPRA website. The program features headliners, of course: people who are famed in […]

Western Canada will celebrate, and help to build, a culture of peacefulness at the end of June and early July by hosting three different, outstanding international peace conferences, one after the other. This remarkable celebration of nonviolence will start in Vancouver on June 23 when the first World Peace Forum opens. The mission of the […]

A panel on the probable lack of aggressiveness by early hominids, held at the February AAAS meeting in St. Louis, gained a lot of subsequent notice in the major international media. Interviewers for BBC News, National Geographic, New Scientist, and numerous others focused on the work of several prominent scientists who presented at the panel […]

Readers of Robert M. Sapolsky’s sprightly book A Primate’s Memoir doubtless treasure memories of his adventures in Africa and his insights into the affairs of the baboons that he spied on, lived with, and darted with sedatives. His latest article, in the current issue of the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs, may leave out the travel/adventure […]

“Conflict resolution in the peaceful societies … is based on assumptions about human relations and social patterns that are quite different from those of modem societies. For instance, people in the peaceful societies strongly believe they should avoid, and if they can’t avoid then they should quickly resolve, all conflicts. They view nonviolence as absolutely […]