A recent examination of this website shows that visitors consult the news and reviews articles for many months after they are first posted. However, access to these pieces, prepared as updates and expansions to the information presented elsewhere in the website, has become a bit difficult as the number of stories has grown.

One solution is a better subject listing of them, a feature introduced today into the website. The listings of the news and reviews which follow the entries for each society after the heading “Updates: News and Reviews” have been changed. They formerly consisted of just the dates, linked of course to the stories in the permanent file.

Now the date and the full title of each article follows the society entries after the same subheading, “Updates: News and Reviews.” But because the list of news and reviews for some of the peaceful societies has become fairly lengthy, only the current six stories will be retained at the end of the more popular society entries. Links provide access to a complete subject listing of all news and reviews.

We hope this change will facilitate easier access to the older news stories and reviews.