The government of Ladakh has organized a festival to celebrate the cultivation of apricots. According to a report in the Times of India on April 19, the festival attracted thousands of travelers—backpackers, honeymooners, and vacationers in general—from various places around India. The cultivation and processing of apricots is an important agricultural industry in the Union […]

The Tristan Islanders, with the cooperation of colonial officials in the U.K., have set aside as a protected zone a vast swath of ocean waters around their islands to provide permanent protection for the unique species of birds and marine life that enrich this area of the South Atlantic Ocean. According to a thorough magazine […]

The Paliyans are proud to vote in elections according to a news story posted in this website nearly seven years ago. It appears from a report in The Hindu on April 6 as if they are still just as committed to voting. A Paliyan community near Shenbagathoppu asked officials to establish a voting place for […]

The Lepchas living in villages near the massively popular tourist destination Tsomgo Lake in Sikkim were included in a news story on March 30 along with their neighbors the Bhutias and the Sherpas. The article, published on, the prestigious international nature and environmental news website, described the local initiatives to protect the lake environment […], an Indian news website, published an article on March 19 about a new children’s dictionary of the Birhor language. The news story indicated that the dictionary is designed to increase the appeal of the language for their children so they will want to continue using it when they become adults. Titled Abun Ari Re […]

In the middle of March, two major Indian newspapers published articles about the Malapandaram of Kerala. The New Indian Express published an analysis of the conditions in some colonies near Sabarimala on March 9 and the Times of India weighed in covering mostly the same people and colonies on March 12. This peaceful society is […]