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The various peaceful societies that exist around the world exhibit not only different ways of resolving or preventing conflict, but also reflect a wide range of cultural traditions and subsistence practices that are often difficult to convey without visual aids. As a result of this need, and in the spirit of providing more resources, we have created a video library representing a number of the peaceful societies found on this website.

holmes county amish buggy
The Amish, such as this couple from Holmes County, Ohio, are the topic of many documentaries and films. (Photo by Matthew Trump, from Wikipedia, Creative Commons license)

Videos from a number of sources are presented and include professional documentaries, informally filmed videos, university lectures, films produced by non-profit organizations, and at least one student research video. Despite their differences, what they all have in common is that they provide some insights into particular aspects of the societies or simply give overviews of their unique attributes.

By including this additional resource we hope to achieve several things. First, the videos might pique the curiosity of viewers to learn more about peaceful societies in general. Secondly, they should provide an opportunity for greater understanding of these societies and the important lessons we can learn from them. Finally, since many of these societies are influenced by modernization and globalization, it is important to understand how these often under-represented groups are affected by such changes.

Ultimately, our hope is that these videos are as entertaining as they are educational and might result in a new and vivid way of seeing the world through the lens of these peaceful peoples.