Tupakula Munemma, the Yanadi woman who garnered attention in the Indian press over a month ago when she made a rousing speech at a political convention, is still in the news.

At a major convention of the Praja Rajyam Party in Vijayawada, a large city in Andhra Pradesh which is the headquarters of the new political group, Ms. Munemma told her enthusiastic supporters that she was quite pleased with all the recognition she has received from the party. She emphasized themes she had spoken about earlier—that India needed to improve the living standards of the weakest members of society.

She has evidently achieved star status in the party, not far behind film superstar Chiranjeevi and the other party founding leaders. Chiranjeevi announced that she would be the party’s candidate for election from the Nellore District of the state, the first party candidate he has chosen. According to one enthusiastic newspaper account, “crowds rushed to have a glance [at] the woman leader hailing from [the] Yanadi tribe in a remote village in Nellore district.”

A news story on the party website indicated that her trip from her village to the city, which took a whole day, energized the activists, especially the women. The highlight of the festive atmosphere during the upbeat day was the appearance of Ms. Munemma. Hundreds of women and youths jostled to get their photographs taken with her during her visit.