The Yanadi of coastal Andhra Pradesh are monitoring the nests of the ocean-dwelling olive ridley turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs. The people are hoping their efforts will help protect the species from declining. A news story in The Hindu at the beginning of last week indicated that wildlife authorities are directing the […]

The Yanadi and Chenchu people living in the Machilipatnam area of Andhra Pradesh decided to dramatize their poverty by having their kids do a lot of begging. A reporter visited the scores of children, some as young as three years old, crowded along a beach road at the popular Manginapudi Beach in Krishna District, located […]

Raghaviah, in his book The Yanadis (1962), indicated that the relationships between Yanadi men and women are characterized by tenderness, responsiveness, and mildness. But the relationships only last as long as both partners are committed to them. When a young woman, whom the author described as “slim, charming, fragile Chenchi” (p.176), decided one day to […]

General elections for the Lok Sabha, the parliament of India, are scheduled to be held in phases in the different states over the coming weeks. The first phase on April 11 will include the state of Andhra Pradesh, which this year will include a group of nearly 2,000 new voters from the Yanadi society. According […]

The reporter was clearly impressed with some aspects of a small Yanadi crab-fishing community located along the banks of an irrigation channel in coastal Andhra Pradesh. The community, consisting of just 13 houses, is near Vadapalem hamlet in the Machilipatnam Mandal of Krishna District. In a news report published by The Hindu on December 22, […]