On Monday, January 20, the government of Egypt celebrated its settlement of the claims of the Nubian people with an event in Aswan. Egyptian Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli attended along with several other national cabinet ministers: Housing Minister Assem El-Gazzar, Culture Minister Enas Abdel Dayem, and Social Solidarity Minister Nevin Al-Qabbaj.

Moustafa Madbouli, Prime Minister of Egypt
Moustafa Madbouli, Prime Minister of Egypt (Photo by Philip Kavalas in Wikimedia, cropped, Creative Commons license)

In his comments at the celebration, as reported by the news magazine Egypt Today, the Prime Minister praised the government’s support for the Nubian people and its determination to resolve the issues they face. He also discussed development projects that have been implemented in Upper Egypt such as health, roads, education, electricity, housing, sanitation, and drinking water. His participation in the celebration symbolizes the commitment of the government to the region and its people, he said.

In June last year the government of Egypt, carrying out the orders of President Abdel al-Sisi, announced a plan to compensate Nubians who could claim damages due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam in the early 1960s or damages from the creation of Lake Nasser behind it.

The committee charged with determining the people who were eligible for compensation found that 11,716 individuals had valid claims. It determined that 7,865 Nubians were affected by the construction of the dam and another 3,851 by the reservoir itself.

A mud brick building and a donkey cart on a farm in Nubia
A mud brick building and a donkey cart on a farm in Nubia (Photo by COSV in Wikimedia, free use)

Omar Marwan, another official, replied to a question about the type of compensation the Nubians will be getting. He said they will be receiving lands, houses or cash depending on their circumstances. Some will get agricultural lands. Nubians who have already built homes on state lands will be granted legal ownership. People who built houses on land fronting on rivers will be granted permanent rights to ownership of the properties.