The Buid are one of the seven Mangyan indigenous societies on the island of Mindoro, located in the Philippines. They primarily practice farming and conduct trade with outside groups. Their highly egalitarian ethos extends to all aspects of companionship, especially marriage.

Unfortunately, this highly peaceful society has been faced with harassment by intruders from the lowlands including the Filipino military.  In addition, mining and logging companies have either intimidated them or simply forced the Buid from their lands. This has left the Buid with few options other than retreat in order to maintain an atmosphere of nonviolence. However, one interesting way they deal with conflict is with traditional poetry called ambahan. Through the ambahan, they may assert their unity and determination towards outsiders attempting to take their lands.

While a number of videos are available on the Mangyans, there are few on the Buid specifically. This may be in part due to the familiarity of this collective name as well as various Mangyans coming together to defend their indigenous rights. For additional information on the Buid please see the encyclopedia and news and reviews of this website.

“A Primer for Cinemalaya’s BRUTUS” (4:33): The video emphasizes the danger of children transporting illegally harvested logs by river and the likelihood that the authorities will confiscate them when they reach the lowlands—before the children can sell them. Though the profits offered by the wood smugglers are tempting, the practice threatens the lives of the children and it destroys the forests on which the Buid depend.