The Tristan Islanders, with the cooperation of colonial officials in the U.K., have set aside as a protected zone a vast swath of ocean waters around their islands to provide permanent protection for the unique species of birds and marine life that enrich this area of the South Atlantic Ocean. According to a thorough magazine […]

The world’s most remote Roman Catholic parish, located on Tristan da Cunha, has no priest and only 42 members but it appears to be thriving anyway. At least that is one of the conclusions in an article published on November 6 on the website of the prominent American Catholic news analysis and opinion magazine, America. […]

A “collective spirit” still sustains Tristan da Cunha, the New York Times argues in a wonderfully illustrated story published on the Times website on May 20. The descriptive text and the photos of the island and its inhabitants are by Andy Isaacson, who spent a month there in 2009. He supplemented his investigation with recent […]

Anyone who has looked at a good map of Tristan da Cunha must have noticed that the Islanders have given a lot of places on their island strange names. Some of their toponyms are routine and simply descriptive—”Little Beach” for instance—while others can only be described as weird, like “Pig Bite.” Pig Bite is the […]

Italics Magazine, an English-language online periodical covering anything related to Italy and the Italian people, published a story on November 25 about Tristan da Cunha. While the overall purpose of the piece is to review the salient facts of Tristan history, the writer, Andrea Angelini, pays special attention to the Italian seamen who settled on […]

On June 8 the Tristan Islanders posted on their website an ad for a position in the government of the island for a “Police Assurance Officer.” In the course of the ad, the island administrators preparing it didn’t mind expressing—modestly of course—their pride in the fact that the place is still relatively free of crime […]

Penny Granger, a dentist from Scotland, will soon be making her seventh trip to Tristan da Cunha to do dental work for the Tristan Islanders. A story published by the BBC on July 20 explained the reasons the dedicated dentist travels every year to visit the isolated settlement. She explained that she simply loves the […]

The Blue Belt Programme, developed by the UK government to promote a thorough study of the marine environment surrounding its South Atlantic islands, is generating some interesting scientific results. A report published last week by one of the scientists who participated in the voyage of a research vessel earlier this year in the waters of […]