Some Hutterite colonies in Manitoba are repaying the supportive kindness toward them displayed by the Jewish community in the province nearly 75 years ago. The details of this long-standing positive relationship were described on January 30 by the Winnipeg Free Press. On April 21, 1947, a group of Jewish businesspeople testified at a hearing in […]

Premier Scott Moe of Saskatchewan announced on Wednesday last week that 48 of the 60 new cases of COVID–19 reported that day in the province had occurred in Hutterite colonies. The Canadian media published many news stories about the development. According to a report in Global News, the premier said that his government is “working […]

Since the Hutterites live together in colonies consisting of many closely-knit families, how are they coping with the coronavirus crisis? Are they avoiding their large, communal dining halls? The answers published last week in news reports by several different Canadian news services are, perhaps not surprisingly, that they are reacting sensibly—but a bit differently from […]

Women from the Baker Hutterite Colony near MacGregor, Manitoba, played the last ice hockey game of a ten-year series of contests with a local women’s team, the MacGregor Iron Maidens, on Monday evening the 17th. The CBC News posted a fascinating story about the contest and its meaning for the two communities. Tirzah Maendel, who […]

Just before Christmas, the Salvation Army in the small city of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, held a Hutterite Appreciation Lunch to honor the local colonies that have supplied tons of free food to help them feed people throughout the year. Captain Ed Dean of the Swift Current Salvation Army told a reporter that the Hutterites donate […]

One of the ways that hostile individuals in many majority groups express their negative feelings toward minorities is to invent economic problems that THEY, the minority, are causing for US, the majority. Attacking the economic difficulties that THEY supposedly cause is easy, even without facts to back up assertions. For instance, many majority Americans assert […]

A Hutterite colony in southwestern Alberta was targeted by animal rights activists early in the morning of September 2, which prompted many reports in the Canadian press. And that is what the protesters were after: publicity for their cause of freeing all domestic livestock from being butchered. An effective summary of the events of that […]

The Mennonite Heritage Museum and Park in Henderson, Nebraska, is hosting a traveling peace exhibit that features the famous Hutterite war resisters who were tortured to death by the American army during World War I. The traveling exhibit, titled “Voices of Conscience: Peace Witness in the Great War,” opened at the museum on Sunday, July […]

A Hutterite child was accidentally shot in the chest late Monday morning last week but his condition appears to be stable. According to a report in the CBC news and several western Canadian sources, an 11-year-old boy was accidentally shot at the Pincher Creek Colony in southern Alberta by a 13-year-old boy who had obtained […]

About 140 miles southwest of Winnipeg on the border of Manitoba with North Dakota, the International Peace Garden beckons travelers to stop and contemplate the meaning of peace. The ambience of formal flower beds, fountains, some towers, and the international border between the two nations running straight through the middle of the garden effectively symbolize […]