Hutterite colonies in southwestern Saskatchewan have been sharing their food resources with needy people at Christmas time each year with the help of a local Salvation Army post.

The 11th Annual Hutterite/Salvation Army Food Bank drive in the town of Swift Current has been more successful than ever this year, despite the downturn in the economy, according to a news report last week. Every year, Hutterite colonies in the province share their garden vegetables and meats—tons of food—to enrich the canned goods that form the bulk of the Salvation Army holiday food packages for needy families.

Captain Paul Loner of the Salvation Army in Swift Current gives the Hutterites a lot of credit for their support. “We want the public to know and understand some of the support that you give …. We like to be able to share that good news as to how you support us.” The Hutterite contributions evidently form a significant portion of the Christmas packages for needy families in that section of Saskatchewan each year.

Another person who has been involved with the cooperative project for years also spoke to the press quite approvingly of the Hutterite response. Each year they are more generous, and everyone appreciates it, he said. They are willing to share their good fortune with others in the region, and they have found an effective way to do it.