Just before Christmas, the Salvation Army in the small city of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, held a Hutterite Appreciation Lunch to honor the local colonies that have supplied tons of free food to help them feed people throughout the year. Captain Ed Dean of the Swift Current Salvation Army told a reporter that the Hutterites donate […]

The San people living in the Omaheke Region of Namibia are caught by forces that not only impoverish and marginalize them but that also trivialize their cultures and traditions. A recent article by Renée Sylvain in American Ethnologist describes the very difficult conditions that face the Ju/’hoansi and the other San peoples in that region. […]

When a tornado nearly destroyed an Amish farm in western Missouri a week and a half ago, the family was overwhelmed by the way their neighbors quickly rebuilt their buildings. The Fort Wayne, Indiana, News Sentinel, and numerous other newspapers, carried an AP story last Sunday that focused on the way the Amish help one […]