Fifteen Yanadi workers were killed by an explosion at an illegal fireworks manufacturing facility in a Nellore suburb on December 31, 2016, exposing to the public the deplorable working conditions that they endure. The story was widely reported in the Indian press in early January 2017. A number of people from the Challa Yanadi, a […]

The Challa Yanadi living in the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh have requested a seat on India’s National Scheduled Tribes Commission. According to a news story in The Hindu last week, their leaders are arguing that, since their population in southeastern India is now estimated at about 900,000, they are entitled to better services. Having […]

An illegal firecracker manufacturing facility in the outskirts of the Indian city of Nellore exploded on the last day of 2016, killing three Yanadi workers and seriously injuring numerous others. The explosion occurred in Porlukatta, a suburb of Nellore, according to a police official. Early news reports indicated that at least eight people sustained burns […]