Shipshewana, a small town just south of Interstate 80 in Northern Indiana, has become identified as a tourist Mecca with a special focus on the local, peaceful Amish. The broad highways leading into the bucolic community have wide lanes on either side so the Amish can safely drive their buggies into town. But a battle […]

While several peaceful societies, such as the Paliyans, Ifaluk, and Tristan Islanders, avoid alcoholic beverages because of the potential for violence, the ancient Nubians reportedly loved to brew and drink beer. A news story last week reported the work of scientists from Emory University who have found strong evidence that, not only did the Nubians […]

The Telegraph of Calcutta reported an odd story last week. It indicated that the Birhor in a village in Jharkhand are agitating for more liquor. Vishvendu Jaipuriar, author of the report, wrote that a young Birhor man from the Chatra district wrote to the state government requesting that the price of liquor be reduced. Sanjay […]