Thirty-six Tahitians have filed claims that they are still suffering from the effects of the radiation released over French Polynesia from the nuclear bomb testing conducted in the territory for many years. The government of France has responded by sending a team of experts to the Pacific territory to determine whether or not it should […]

July 2nd marked the 50th anniversary of a grim event: the first atomic test by the government of France on the island of Mururoa in French Polynesia. Radio New Zealand last week remembered the 30-year series of nuclear tests, from 1966 to 1996, by reviewing their effects on the Tahitian people and the protests that […]

The French government medical researcher concluded his letter with an ominous statement: “the atmospheric nuclear tests conducted by France contributed to increasing the incidence of thyroid cancer in French Polynesia.” For the first time, a French government official has admitted what the Tahitians have suspected for many years—their high rate of cancer is caused by […]