In at least one Ladakhi community, the villagers are convinced that the basic order of life is harmony, unity, and peacefulness. A recent journal article by Fernanda Pirie—her third major piece published in the past year—discusses the strategies people in the remote village of Photoksar have for managing conflicts. Nearly a year ago a book […]

A small group of Protestants in the Zapotec town of Teotitlán, members of the Church of God, had been living quietly with the Catholic majority for several decades before trouble started brewing. Lynne Stephen describes the conflict and its resolution in a recent journal article about the collision of individual rights and collective rights. In […]

“Conflict resolution in the peaceful societies … is based on assumptions about human relations and social patterns that are quite different from those of modem societies. For instance, people in the peaceful societies strongly believe they should avoid, and if they can’t avoid then they should quickly resolve, all conflicts. They view nonviolence as absolutely […]

Zapotec villagers may anticipate occasional violence from men who are drinking, but when fights do break out everyone expects the women, particularly the godmothers, to restore order. Nicole Sault, in a recent paper, describes the Zapotec style of peacemaking as part of a broader system of beliefs in respect, cooperation, and responsibility. Respect, she indicates, […]