While some Nubian women are leaving their families and villages for education and jobs, many remain and continue to follow the old customs—and to marry Nubian men. A feature in the Middle Eastern news and analysis website Al-Monitor last week explored with some Nubian women the options for marriages today. The journalist pointed out that […]

Although Hutterite women are known for wearing modest blouses and ankle-length skirts, when one woman participated in an athletic event last week in Winnipeg while dressed in her traditional clothing, people apparently noticed. According to the Winnipeg Sun on June 20, an 18-year old Hutterite woman from the Crystal Spring colony near Ste. Agathe, Manitoba, […]

Zapotec villagers may anticipate occasional violence from men who are drinking, but when fights do break out everyone expects the women, particularly the godmothers, to restore order. Nicole Sault, in a recent paper, describes the Zapotec style of peacemaking as part of a broader system of beliefs in respect, cooperation, and responsibility. Respect, she indicates, […]

Quilting, for Amish women, provides many personal benefits to the quilters, such as venues for expressing artistic creativity, justification for social activity, and satisfaction about contributions to family economies. Although quilting lost its popularity for much of American society in the middle of the 20th century, it never lost its appeal among very traditional cultures […]

The selection of two young Ladakhi women to participate in an upcoming expedition to Mount Everest adds to the history of gender equality and mountaineering experience in that society. The two “girls,” as they were styled in an article last week in NewKerala.com, spent four months training at the National Institute of Mountaineering, located in […]

Piaroa women gain fulfillment, pleasure, and respect from raising manioc in their gardens, one anthropologist argues, and this work is essential to their society. In her recent article “Tedium and Creativity: The Valorization of Manioc Cultivation and Piaroa Women,” published in the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute volume 10, 2004, p.241-259, Serena L. Heckler […]