A group of Semai residents in Malaysia’s Perak State are continuing a legal struggle against two developers who are seeking to construct a hydroelectric dam on a river in their ancestral territory. A Malaysian news report of November 3 brought the controversy, which has been covered in the news over the last several years, up […]

It may be hard for non-Amish Pennsylvanians to appreciate the fact that their peaceful, hard-working Amish neighbors may have other things to do than spend money on consumer goods. The Amish disinterest in consumer spending, combined with their habit of working hard, may be starting to sour some attitudes toward them in the Philadelphia suburbs […]

Last Friday a Wall Street Journal feature article discussed Amish contractors who build homes for the non-Amish. The story covered some of the special problems faced by these contractors, such as the fact that they generally cannot sign contracts. Other problems can affect their businesses. The Amish builders are not allowed to have telephones, so […]