Five years ago, the Peaceful Societies website opened with a range of reference information about 25 human social groups that try to maintain a nonviolent existence. Encyclopedia articles, lists of recommended books, an archive of research articles about some of the societies, and weekly updating news and reviews have been features of the website for […]

Elise Boulding, famed peace scholar, educator, and activist, has accepted an invitation to be the Website Patron of the Peaceful Societies website. Dr. Boulding, who has retired from most of her academic and peace activist roles, still maintains a strong interest in “imaging a world at peace” workshops from her retirement home in Massachusetts. Biographical […]

Elise Boulding, famed peace scholar and mother of five children, once wrote that we “still don’t know much about producing children who will irrepressibly dream about a better society than the one we have, and obstinately work for its realization.” The irrepressible dreams of Dr. Boulding herself for a better world and her amazing ability […]