Last Thursday, CBC News celebrated Valentine’s Day by posting a story about a woman who has formed a matchmaking Facebook group for Inuit singles. The report gives an impression of the difficulties some Inuit singles experience in meeting eligible partners. Angela Aula started the new group in January from her home in Toronto, calling it […]

Some peaceful societies wrestle with whether or not to adopt the latest technologies, but not the Rural Thai—they see only advantages in using their 4G mobile devices. The Ifaluk prohibit many things, such as motorboats, that might corrupt their traditional culture. The Amish are famed for evaluating all new technological devices because they want to […]

Facebook and the Buid society in the Philippines both have peaceful cultures based on a surprisingly similar approach to interpersonal relationships. They both foster indirect communication. The comparison is easy to explain. Many people compare socializing on Facebook to having a “water cooler conversation.” There is even a group page in FB with that name. […]

The Peaceful Societies website entered the social world of Facebook on May 27th. Recent visitors to this website may have noticed the Facebook logo and a link to the new “Fan Page.” Each week, the Facebook Peaceful Societies page will carry links to news and reviews as soon as they are posted here in this […]