The fame of Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city, with over 4 million inhabitants, is based in part on its incredible history, its wonderful modern library, and its ancient tradition of multiculturalism. A cosmopolitan cultural center right from its founding in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, the city became home to sizable populations of Jews, […]

A 1999 novela by Haggag Oddoul about Nubia, My Uncle Is on Labor, has just been translated into English, according to a review published in last Thursday. Oddoul’s Nights of Musk, translated into English in 2005, has become a well-known literary testament to the spirit of Old Nubia, and this newly translated work, like […]

A conference titled “ Nubia between Resettlement and Development,” held in Cairo in April, revealed only a portion of the continuing resentment among the Nubians. An article in the Jordanian paper Al-Dustour, which prompted a story in this website at the beginning of May, was evidently only part of the media frenzy that accompanied the […]