Although the number of Birhor increased from 7,514 in the 2001 census of India to 10,726 in 2011, tribal rights activists claim that the population is now declining. According to a news story on July 25 in The Pioneer, an English language daily newspaper, a couple major research institutes are planning to conduct a study […]

Chhotan Birhor, a 28 year old laborer in India’s Jharkhand State, is receiving excellent medical care because he has a potentially life-threatening illness. As part of its continuing series of news stories on the Birhor tribal society, the Telegraph of Calcutta last week carried an article that described the measures being taken to help the […]

Apparently the Indian state of Jharkhand has forgotten the existence of the Birhor people. While other states around the world have hassled their peaceful societies, expelled them from their lands, removed them from their villages, and desecrated their sacred places, completely forgetting about them is remarkable. The Telegraph of Calcutta reported last week that Jharkhand’s […]

Sociologists in India are warning that the Birhor society in the state of Jharkhand may be on the verge of extinction, according to a news report this last weekend. The sociologists particularly criticize the state government of Jharkhand, created five years ago out of a part of Bihar state, for not providing proper resources for […]