Superstitious beliefs are deterring some pregnant women in the Rukwa Region of Tanzania from going to health facilities when the time comes to deliver their babies. According to a news story dated December 27, women are ignoring the advice of medical personnel and drinking concoctions of herbal teas to reduce labor pains, sometimes with serious […]

Although the Old Order Amish try to separate themselves from the surrounding American society, they are willing to be interviewed as part of research projects that may benefit themselves and others. Based on that willingness, Kirk Miller and six co-authors completed a thorough investigation of health risks, health status, and pregnancies of Amish women in […]

Last year, when a quiet but very pleasant Amish boy in Central Pennsylvania contracted leukemia, his father took him to Mexico for some of his chemotherapy treatments. The Amish community, plus non-Amish friends and supporters, put together a bake sale in the nearest town and organized a blood drive to help with expenses. The family […]