When the Mbuti trespass in the forests of the world famous Virunga National Park to forage or to hunt, park guards frequently treat them brutally. The Inter Press Service reported recently on the harsh treatment and the discrimination that the indigenous people of the northeastern D.R. Congo receive from the national park service. The Mbuti […]

An Mbuti group in the eastern D.R. Congo has successfully forestalled government attempts to establish a nature reserve that would have prevented their traditional uses of their forests. Instead, they are working with several major NGOs to develop an effective preserve that will include their indigenous rights to use sustainably the forest products. The Guardian […]

The Hindu last Saturday effectively analyzed the potential conflicts between conserving wildlife in the protected areas of Ladakh and preserving the livelihoods of people who live in them. The State of Jammu and Kashmir designated three protected areas in 1987: Hemis National Park near Leh, the Karakorum Wildlife Sanctuary in Northern Ladakh, and the Changthang […]