A newspaper story last Saturday featured the village of Ulu Geroh, in Malaysia, where local Semai guides take tourists to see the Rajah Brooke Birdwing butterflies and the rare Rafflesia flowers. The story in The Star updates information provided by an AFP dispatch on the subject in November. The community-based organization that hosts tourists is […]

Spectacular Rafflesia flowers and Rajah Brooke Birdwing butterflies are among the highlights of a Semai nature reserve in Perak State, Malaysia, that has faced the threat of logging for years. Last week, the state government issued a stop-work order to prevent any more logging, at least temporarily, in the vicinity of the Bukit Kinta Forest […]

A Semai community has set up an organization to preserve one of the largest flowers on earth, a Rafflesia, in a new nature sanctuary. The Semai villagers in Kampong Ulu Gerok, Perak, Malaysia, used to gather the giant buds in the forest near their homes and sell them to collectors in Gopeng, about 12 km […]