Confident attitudes of Ju/’hoansi women may help protect them against HIV/AIDS, but several trends in rural Namibia and Botswana threaten their future safety. Ida Susser, who has taken numerous research trip with Richard B. Lee to the two countries since 1996 to investigate the ways the disease affects the Ju/’hoansi, provides detailed reasons for the […]

The basis of egalitarian life in Ju/’hoansi society is an absolute commitment to sharing everything—no one is allowed to have more possessions than anyone else in the group. Sharing extends beyond the family to include all people living in the face-to-face community, and beyond. The sharing implies a giving without any need for an immediate, […]

Anthropologist Richard B. Lee, adding a new dimension to his research on the Ju/’hoansi, has recently emphasized the importance of their experience for understanding the rapid spread of AIDS. Lee explained his current research on the AIDS epidemic in Africa, and particularly in the Ju/’hoansi society of Northern Botswana and adjoining Namibia, at a lecture […]