An old Lepcha ritual honoring “Mother Nature” and its bounties was one of the focus points of a celebration called Muk Zek Ding Rum Faat in Pangthang, Sikkim, on February 23. A news story about the celebration published on the 26th used the gendered term for nature. The Sikkim Lepcha Youth Association, which organized the […]

A most interesting new video that shows a Paliyan rain ceremony conducted by an elderly priest in a remote settlement of southwestern India has just been put up on YouTube. Entitled “Rain Invoking Ceremony (Mazhai Pongal),” the careful, scholarly presentation, almost ten minutes long, shows the Paliyan people and their priest conducting a ritual that […]

In order to heal effectively, the amchi, the traditional Ladakhi healer, must understand Buddhist religious practices as well as proper healing methods. The amchi rituals, such as the one described in a recent article, represent a convergence of religious and healing methods. Laurent Pordié, an anthropologist with the Department of Social Sciences at the French […]