The government of Botswana continues making the right noises about improving the lives of the San who remain in their ancestral areas of the Kalahari Desert. News about the way Botswana has started taking some responsibility for helping the G/wi and G//ana San people—at least for ending its repressive policies toward them—was reported in this […]

One of the most fascinating recent news stories from Africa has been the remarkable reversal by the Botswana government, which has stopped persecuting the San and started promoting tourism for them instead. When the news of this change surfaced a couple months ago, it was clear that many of the San people themselves were dismayed […]

A compromise solution that might end the persecution of the G/wi and the G//ana San peoples by the government of Botswana started leaking out to the press a month ago. The government had forcibly removed the San people from their homes in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) many years ago and it has denied […]

The lengthy court battle between the Botswana government and the G/wi and G//ana people, who want to regain their rights to live on their traditional lands, will wrap up by May 15th. Formal testimonies in the courtroom and brutal beatings in the Kalahari bush continue, as they have over the past two years, during the […]