A report prepared by some tribal activists accuses the government of Kerala of undermining the rights of the scheduled tribes living in the state. To judge by an article published last week in the Deccan Chronicle, a major South Indian newspaper, the report appears to have focused on two of the highly peaceful societies in […]

In February the State Assembly of Sikkim, in northern India, granted Scheduled Tribe status to the Lepchas. The story of their need for that special status was reviewed here on March 10th. Now the Lepchas are seeking similar protection and benefits in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal state, to the south of Sikkim, where […]

The Assembly of the Indian state of Sikkim, in a move that may help safeguard minority rights and prevent violence, has granted the Lepchas the status of a “Scheduled Tribe.” According to a February 26th news report in New Kerala.com, the state assembly unanimously passed the measure, which had been approved by the State Cabinet […]