Inuit views of themselves as hunters have been severely hurt by the anti-sealing campaigns of animal rights groups, but clothing designers in Nunavut are helping them reclaim their heritage. An article in The Guardian last week examined the ramifications of the controversial anti-sealing bans. Victoria Kakuktinniq, for instance, was trained in fashion design in Canada’s […]

A student club in Ottawa allows Inuit teenagers to get together and share foods from the North as they try to keep their culture alive in the city. The activities of the Inuit Culture Club at the Rideau High School reaffirm the Inuit heritage of the young people as they hang out together one afternoon […]

Tanya Tagaq, the well-known Canadian throat singer, emphasized to an audience in St. John’s, Newfoundland, last week the importance of Inuit unity and reconciliation. In contrast to her normally guttural style of singing, Tagaq spoke softly. Nonetheless, as the keynote speaker at an Inuit Studies Conference, which was held on the campus of the Memorial […]

The official chef for the parliamentary restaurant in Ottawa, Judson Simpson, has decided to advance the cause of Inuit culture, and the Canadian seal harvesting industry, by introducing seal meat to the menu. Michel Guimond, Bloc Quebecois MP, made the original suggestion that the restaurant should add seal as a show of support for the […]