Traditional Inuit tattooing is being preserved and revived by their women, according to a news report in Nunavut News on Wednesday last week. The article quoted several women who spoke of their desires to preserve their sense of cultural identity, and to honor their families by getting traditional tattoos put on their bodies. Inukshuk Aksalnik […]

Last week the Mexican news website published a cultural piece explaining why the art of tattooing became popular among the Ifaluk. The story of the adoption of tattooing on the island, tied in with a belief in the god Wolfat (also spelled Wolphat), is explained effectively by the journalist but it is better related, […]

The trailer for “Moana,” a current Disney film, depicts two main characters: the title heroine who is a Polynesian princess and a male demi-god hero, Maui, who is covered in tattoos. A review in The Guardian expresses cautiously positive sentiments about the latest movie for the pre-teen set, but an article in The Telegraph focuses […]